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Links and adresses
In these past few years, this much appraised and scolded medium, the internet, has contributed a lot to accelerate and enlarge the information exchange within the Super 8 community. Many fans of the small film format set up interesting web sites on the subject of Super 8, and many an exciting discussion on amateur film making took place via the virtual data highway. Just check it out yourself!

Handel Super 8Super 8 Sale
Whatever you're looking for – a bulp for your projector or a new Super 8 camera, here you'll find the right place.
Super-8-LaborsSuper 8 Labs
Find a list of laboratories that still provides film processing and other services for Super 8.
Super-8-WebseitenInternet Resources
In order to simplify your take-off, here are some interesting addresses of filmmakers, festivals etc.
Super-8-Blowup und -FilmbespurungTelecine & Services
Find a list of adresses where you can get a telecine of your films, rental or repair services, etc.

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