Feedbacks from the GS8D 2005

What was going on around the globe on May 8th? Below you can find the events feedbacks that allready came in:

BASEL/Switzerland, neues kino
BERGA/Spain, Teatre Patronal
BREMEN/Germany, Kino 46
BUFFALO/United Staates, Squeaky Wheel
EDINBURGH/United Kingdom, The Front Room
EDMONTON/Canada, Latitude 53 Art Gallery
HAMBURG/Germany, Bunker Finkenau
KLADNO/Czech Republic, Orange Caffe
LOS ANGELES/United Staates, Echo Park Film Center
NEW YORK CITY/United Staates, Le Petit Versailles Garden
TORINO/Italy, Cecchi Point
TRIESTE/Italy, Circolo Culturale
ZURICH/Switzerland, Xenix


Special thanks goes to:
Deborah Phillips, Berlin
Kodak SA, Lausanne

Very warm thanks goes to all participants that made the Global Super 8 Day 2005 just possible.

Your Global-Super-8-Day-Team

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